Hi! I'm Jean M. Jahnke, CPDT-KA

II have been training dogs since 1999, specializing in helping fearful and reactive dogs.
I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) through the Certification Council for
Professional Dog Trainers, Professional Member of the Association of Professional Dog
Trainers, member of the Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin, and the Pet Professional Guild,
and an AKC-certified Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluator. In addition to helping shy and
reactive dogs, I also provide in-home manners training for adult dogs and puppies, and
provide behavioral consultations.

I was instrumental in establishing the shy dog program at the Wisconsin Humane Society
and have presented dog behavior and shy dog seminars for the Discovery World Youth
Camp, Burlington WI Pet Wellness Fair, Car-Dun-al Dog Training Club (Huntley, IL),
WI-IL Agility Group (Spring Grove, IL), Sheboygan Dog Training Club, BREW Midwest
(Beagle rescue), LEARN (Lab rescue) and Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue. I have also
presented clicker training sessions, including one for Heartland Farm Sanctuary
where I worked with a 400-lb pig!

Additionally, I provide behavioral assistance to rescue groups, including BREW and
LEARN. To help with this effort, I created My Dog's Tutor to assist those with shy dogs
who need help at all hours and may live anywhere across the states. My client base
includes residents of Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, South Carolina, and Northern

As a freelance writer, I have written numerous articles for Fetch Magazine and am currently
writing a book called Help! My Dog Sees Dead People - Turning Owners of Fearful Dogs
into Their Advocates. Here are links to articles I've written for Fetch Magazine:

My husband Ron (who assists with dogs that are afraid of men) and I proudly own and love our dogs: 11-year old Mini-Aussie C-ATCH8 "Theo" (ChST, ChCL, ChFH, ChJU, ChWC, ChJP, ChSN, CGC, NW1, HIC), and puppy in training Mini-Aussie "Betty." 
We recently lost our 15-year old Mini-Aussie CT-ATCH "KC" (TChFH, CGC), who was our first agility dog and the sweetest girl around. She gave us love unconditionally. But it was our 12-year old German Shepherd "Rudy" who inspired me to focus on dogs with issues.  Rudy was genetically shy, yet travelled with us from the East to West coasts. He will always be remembered in our hearts as the loving boy who taught us how to help him shine through his fear.

Our dog family enjoys travelling, agility, hiking, nose work, and just having fun together!

Phone: (414) 534-6935      Email: jahnke66@yahoo.com