Is your dog sound sensitive?
Or are you a breeder who wants confident pups?
I have prepared sound desensitizing CDs to help your dog with sound issues such as:
  • Let's Go for a Ride (cars, trucks, beeping, sirens)
  • And Baby Makes 3 (kids)
  • Come on in (doorbells, knocking)
  • Around the House (vacuum, lawnmower, pots/pans, microwave, etc.)
  • Barking up the Wrong Tree (dogs barking, growling, playing, etc.)
  • Here Kitty, Kitty (cats meowing, screeching, etc.)
  • KaBoom! (gun shots, explosions, fireworks, etc.)
If your dog has sound issues, we will work with these desensetizing CDs
during your private sessions.

Is your dog a puller? Are you having difficulties walking your dog?
No training collar is a "cure all." You need to work on polite walking skills whether
your dog has a training collar or not. And, remember, a retractable leash only helps
your dog pull! Using one will quickly teach your dog to pull. But if you need additional help,
these are the training collars I recommend:

Does your dog get anxious when you leave? Does your dog get bored and into trouble?
Here are some products to help:

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