Is your dog sound sensitive? Just got a puppy who's not sleeping well?
Or are you a breeder or new pet parent who wants confident pups?
I highly recommend iCalmPet to relax and desensitize your dog. I use it  when working with
fearful, reactive dogs. I even use it on my own dogs when they are waiting in their crates at
agility trials and when we travel in our RV. I also used it to acclimate our puppy Betty
so she would be comfortable sleeping through the night.
Formally called Through a Dog's Ear, iCalmPet is bioAcoustic music that helps with all
types of anxiety, fear, and over excitement issues. It's been clinically tested and proven to be
twice as effective as conventional classical selections for reduction of canine anxiety
behaviors. In addition to the calming music, special volumes are available with sound
effects for thunderstorm, fireworks, city sounds, and other sound phobias.
To order iCalmPet for your dog, click here and use the code JEAN10 at checkout.

Is your dog a puller? Are you having difficulties walking your dog?
No training collar is a "cure all." You need to work on polite walking skills whether
your dog has a training collar or not. And, remember, a retractable leash only helps
your dog pull! Using one will quickly teach your dog to pull. But if you need additional
help, these are the training collars I recommend:

Does your dog get anxious when you leave? Does your dog get bored and into trouble?
Here are some products to help:

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